Frequently Asked Questions

How does BluePatient work?

The BluePatient software is used by healthcare professionals, to input patients medical data, and receive accurate analysis in real-time. BluePatient uses our own AI algorithm to predict patient’s health status based on their data.

What is the benefit of BluePatient?

Primarily, the core benefit is to speed up the diagnosis and analysis procedure. Saving doctors and pharmacies significant time, which could be better spent on patient care.

Blue Patient also minimises the room for medical errors, and enhances patients outcomes.

Where was the data used in the algorithm sourced?

All the data used by the BluePatient algorithm are endorsed by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Can I sign up to use the platform?

Yes. Currently it’s only available for clinics and pharmacies to use. However, in our future development we may create a platform for only patients to use.
To sign up, please contact us.