Welcome to BluePatient

Zain Rana

Co-founder, CEO

Zain graduated with a first-class degree in BSc Biomedical Science, and is currently the CEO at Pharmeum. From an early-stage, he has been known for his innovative solutions in the healthcare industry, using Blockchain and AI. He has worked for more than 5 years in private health clinics, and developed a key understanding of the issues that exist today, in both patients and healthcare professionals lives.

Zain’s vision is to be a pioneer in developing a truly sophisticated healthcare eco-system

Ahmed Ashour

Co-founder, COO

Since graduating at the top of his cohort and registering as an NHS Pharmacist in 2017, Ahmed has had a passion for advancing the frontline efficiency of our National Health Service. By creating technological solutions and developments within the health sector, he’s at the forefront of revolutionising public healthcare. BluePatient is the latest example of this. Ahmed has always believed that the next real revolution in our healthcare system is incorporating technology at the centre of everything that we do, and as a pharmacist in practice he has seen the areas where technology is urgently needed. One such area is the consultation setting, where currently outdated and ineffective methods are still used today in aiding the pharmacist-patient consultation process. BluePatient was inspired to change this, and to improve the future of health for everyone.